It’s been awhile since I’ve submitted anything formally to be published. I blame this on graduating from college and being violently thrown into the real world, where time does not stop so that you can write. Gone are the days of slipping writings into submissions boxes in the English office and crossing your fingers that it shows up in the campus’ next issue of their literary magazine.

In class, we’ve been presenting journals to each other so that we become more familiar with the literary scene. There’s been a myriad of print and online publications, so I thought I would spotlight one of them that I’ve submitted to, but haven’t heard back from as of yet. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, though, since I’ve submitted for a contest that would be beyond wonderful if I managed to win. Or maybe just rub elbows with someone who did win. Whatever works.

Anyway! The journal is called Narrative Magazine, and is a pretty well-known publication. The Winter Contest winners range anywhere from Janet Burroway (who has written eight novels…one of which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize — how am I supposed to compete with that?!) to Professor David Bradley (who has written two novels and is recognized as a major voice in African-American fiction) and Adam Atlas (gasp! He holds a degree from Arizona State. Finally! Someone I can identify with).

I have found Narrative to be loaded with fascinating pieces that keep me otherwise distracted from my own writing. Which, I forgot, I have 2,000 words to write today, and I’m blogging and reading instead. See? Bad, Narrative, Bad.
Check it out for yourselves here and enjoy!

All Rights Belong to Narrative Magazine

All Rights Belong to Narrative Magazine