After attending a Maryland Romance Writers meeting, I realized that being a writer entails more than just writing, which I already have a hard time dedicating my free minutes to. It is also about networking. A whole lot of networking. These authors at the meeting, they knew the ins and outs of getting your name out and about and could spew out a million different helpful websites quicker than I could jot them all down.

So in an effort to help a friend out, and help some authors, new and old, I direct you to he Maryland Romance Writer’s webpage, as well as to my wonderful source of inspiration and newly published Harlequin writer, Miss Stephanie Draven. Stephanie is running a contest aptly dubbed the “Insultingly Easy Contest” where you can go sign up and hopefully win an Amazon gift card and a free book by C.E. Murphy.

Look at all of that networking! Help a writer out and visit those pages. Also, congratulate me in taking my first step as a writer and reserving my domain name for when I become rich and famous.

Happy writing!