I am finally, FINALLY, nearing the end of writing my first novel. I have 12k words to go to my 100k goal, which I am not anticipating stopping at right now. The plot keeps growing, and I keep getting new ideas about what I want to add to the tragedy without pissing off Greek scholars everywhere.

After two and a half years of writing this thing, I’ve been more motivated than ever to get it done and edited so I can start sending it out. I really want to start a new project too, and I can’t do that until I am done this one. I am just not one of those multi-tasking authors. Two plots simply cannot exist at one time. At least, they can’t in my head.

So what else is going on in my life? I am barreling through the first few weeks of teaching, which has exhausted me beyond all belief. I did get time to escape with Stephanie Draven to the Maryland Romance Writer’s meeting a few weeks ago, and I am looking forward to returning AND joining, which I’ve just not gotten around to as of yet.

Class starts this week, so I will be back in the workshop grind and hopefully churning out more short stories that aren’t horrid. I really want to finish editing the last short story I did, but all of my writing energy is being siphoned into the novel right now. If I keep up with my 2k words a day, I can get this  thing done by the end of the week!

Wish me luck and happy writing!