After posting yesterday, I realized that not only am I an English teacher, but I also have a whole ENGLISH DEPARTMENT that I could go to for editing help. So, I asked my co-workers if any of them would be as kind to edit and critique my manuscript for a small stipend. Within an hour, three people volunteered. I believe I will use all three of them, which brings me to half of what I was going to pay for the professional editor (who already lowered his price to half of what I’d normally pay for a professional editor).

Stephanie Draven also pointed me to Romance Divas, a wonderful group of writers who are very supportive of all of your writing needs. She mentioned Romance Divas to me MONTHS ago, but I think I was too caught up in thinking that my romance novel is not even halfway finished yet — so why would they want me there?
This is not the case at all. The Divas were sure to let me know that they don’t write romance all of the time and that I don’t have to get hung up on that. So I won’t! So, once again, Ms. Draven pulls through with another valuable resource for me.

I edited about ten more pages yesterday, but I still have around twenty or so to adjust on the computer. This leaves me with thirty-something more to go before my first draft is done its edit. Almost there!

Happy Writing!