I’ve begun the process of sending out 4.3 billion queries to agents. I’ve also begun the process of developing a tough shell for the rejections coming in.

While I’ve only had three replies so far, all three have been rejections without any extra information. Form letters: bane of your existence.

I keep my blackberry on me in hopes that the second an email reply comes in, that I am going to get it immediately. This means every time the phone vibrates, I fill up with anxiety until I click open the email and realize…it’s another form letter.

At some point, my luck will have to change, right?

Also, I’ve received my first three chapters back from one of my CPs. He thought he was going to make me cry, but really? His information was awesome and he had a lot of positives to say. In fact, all of the “negatives” had more to do with continuity of characters and not much to do with plot – it was the plot was I somewhat worried about. Actually, I wasn’t worried about it at all, and then not being worried about it made me worry about it.

Does that even make sense?

I will keep everyone updated on my long journey of query letters. I have one more week until classes start and I slowly begin to shut down and become succumbed by critiques and workshops and papers.

Happy Writing!