I’ve had my reviewed 1-3 chapters in my hands now for a good week. Have I done anything with them? Not really. There was one night that Leigh Royals pushed me to get through the first chapter, and I did that much, adding a new intro, fixing up some stupid plot blemishes, but that is all.

I need to find my motivation again. I constantly check my blackberry to see if any more replies came back from agents. None yet. I have one more week until I give up on that batch and move on to the next. That’s the joy of email queries. Quick replies. Or rejections.

I think this week I will set my goal to peel through chapter 2 and 3, since my 4-6 chapters are long as sin and I am really going to trip all over them.

I also think that maybe I should reestablish my twitter account, even if it annoys me. At least, while I am waiting to get through this book, I can work on getting my unknown little name out there!

Happy Writing!