I was curious about how/where others work. For a writer, workspace is very important. This is where ideas matriculate, and somehow, when we are very attentive, we capture them and write them down before they are dashed away by our “outside” lives. Our workspace is our sanctuary, and when all else fails, it is to where we retreat.

In the past, I used to always think that I wrote better outside of my house. This proves true for a lot of writers. You are away from your daily distractions, you have nothing to worry about when you are away (except maybe worrying about if your coffee will get cold in the middle of a serious bout of writer’s block), and it is somewhere new where new ideas can be born.

But then I got to thinking: When did I ever leave the house to write? Granted, I do find myself writing in the middle of grad class, and often I will write when my students are taking tests…but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually decided to leave the house so I can go write. Mostly, I stay home, in my office, and the “magic” (if you can call it that these days) happens there.

We have some ground rules for the office, mind you. My fiancee knows that if the door is shut, then he is not allowed to come in. Does this stop him? No. But it also doesn’t stop me from yelling at him until he leaves. Afterall, I can’t be that multi-million dollar author he wants me to be if he doesn’t LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME WRITE.

I also have a timer set up for when I want to press myself to write. If I’m not doing a challenge with the Divas, then I am pushing myself an hour at a time to finish up my goal for the day. Since I am in the middle of editing, I usually try to get through a half of a chapter (sometimes this goes over an hour), then take a break for an hour, then come back and work for another hour or two. I had a great schedule for my first pass…my second pass, not quite.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my workspace. Enjoy!

This is my pink laptop. If it is pink and I can own it? I have it.

How to write like Hemingway next to my untouched, critiqued chapters for my second pass. Do I write anything like Hemingway? Absolutely not. But it is nice to dream. Under the Hemingway book is my Book in a Month book. I am excited to use it this month. Maybe.

This is my storyboard. It is lacking right now since I am between projects. On the left board is where my storyline was, now I have a piece of paper tacked up there with a rough outline of my current WIP. The right board has my writing calendar on it. This is where I keep track of class projects, writing contests, etc..

This is my pitiful bookshelf. I am running out of places to put my books, so I will be looking for a new bookshelf that is not so pitiful. On top of the bookshelf are some candles, which are a must for me when I am writing. NEED CANDLES.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my not-so-amazing workspace. I look forward to your comments and maybe some of your own pictures!

Happy Writing!