Where am I with my manuscript? Still trudging through the second pass. I’m in denial mode right now. I keep questioning if it is good enough, if I am good enough, if I wasted all of that time on crap. The normal stuff. That makes it hard to go through and want to fix things when in the back of my head I keep thinking about how I am wasting my time.

I did force myself to edit a chapter the other day, though. I’m focusing more on plot holes and ignoring the technical stuff right now. Unless it is a glaring technical thing, then I can’t ignore it. I am not sure if this is a good, “normal” way to go through and edit, but it feels like the most important thing to me. After all, the technical parts can be taken care of by an editor if I miss them. Right? Tell me I am right.

I’ve decided to plunge into my second WIP. It was originally aimed towards Ellora’s Cave, but now I am not sure what I want for it. It keeps switching between what could be something sexy to a romantic fiction.

I am using Dr. Schmidt’s Book in a Month guide to help me barrel through writing a manuscript in just thirty days. I am half cheating by revisiting my current WIP, but it needs a lot of help and clarification, so I don’t feel too bad about being a dirty cheater.

Maybe writing new material will inspire me to edit the old material. Or, you know what would inspire me more? Finding an agent! The search still continues, and I’m entering contests in the meantime. School has also started back up, so I am afraid that between novel writing class and everything else, that I will lose my time for writing. But, as BiaM says, there are no excuses for not writing. Remember that.

Happy Writing!