I used to work with the TV on, but I’ve found that to be annoying to hear people talking while I’m trying to write. Lately, I’ve been taking to Pandora, set on my wonderful Dave Matthews Band station. I don’t know about you, but nothing sets the tone to good writing like good Dave Matthews.

In one of my first classes that I took during grad school, my professor told us that you know you are a writer when you start reading, listening and watching like a writer. I know you do it too. You’re sitting down watching NCIS, picking out plot holes, clichés, and crappy dialogue (okay, so I don’t like NCIS). I do the same thing with Dave Matthews’ lyrics. Some of the things he’s created are remarkable. I wish I could pull such beautiful words out of my behind like he does.

What sort of ambiance do you need when you are writing? I’m curious!