As I prepare my first thirty-five pages of my WIP for the Stroke of Midnight contest, I found myself wondering if my mother would ever get her hands on my rather…well…let’s just say it – my erotica. Yes, mom, if you are reading this, I’m writing erotica. Will you ever read it? Hopefully not. Actually, please God, don’t ever let my mother read this.

I am having a blast writing the piece, less because of the erotica and more because of the fact that it’s a fresh manuscript that is not my last manuscript. After staring at something for four years, I am happy to be writing something else. My characters are fun, the plot is interesting, and their sex? It’s great.

But still – I posted on the Romance Divas forum about my innate fear of my mother, or any of my family, getting their hands on my book. Some of the Divas said that their mothers or their sisters are their CPs. That they VOLUNTARILY hand their manuscripts over to let their mothers read them. I’m sorry. This will never happen with me. I do not want my mother to read the word “penis” when I am the one that wrote it. Absolutely not.

I thought about my mother-in-law, but only because she writes erotica too. And she’s a hippy. And she’s probably read the word “penis” a bazillion times more than I have in her lifetime. But my mom? Mommy? Mother dearest?

At what point do other authors let go of this? At what point do you throw your hands up in the air and say, “Well, I can’t stop them now!”  At a workshop I attended in the past, Dorothy Allison told us that you cannot worry about your readers when they are close to you. If you want to write about how much your father is an asshole and your father ends up reading your book, you have to at some point take ownership of what you wrote and tell good ol’ dad to bite it. And for those of you who read Allison’s work, you know at some point of her life, she had to tell a good chunk of her family to bite it.

So, I want to hear from you. Do you have fears or reservations about certain people reading your work?