Very big things happened to me this week.

On Wednesday night, I received an email from an Editor at Harlequin asking me if I still had a manuscript that I submitted eight months ago available for consideration. Steph and I squeed about this for a little while, but she did point out that it doesn’t mean that it’s a promise or anything, and he could still reject it.

I emailed him back and told him that I did. In the midst of squeeing, a 212 number popped up on my phone. HE WAS CALLING ME. I made my fiancee mute the TV and picked up the phone. He offered me a contract for the story! He also asked me if I was working on anything else, and I told him I had a romantica novella that was being edited, and he said to send that over to him as well.

So, by the end of Wednesday night, I had my very first book contract, and I had a request for more material. Steph encouraged me to send out more agent queries asking now for representation for my contract. So, I sent out about five of those, then called it a night.

It didn’t occur to me until Thursday afternoon that he asked me if I was working on anything else — not if I was working on any more romance/erotica. I emailed him again and told him I had a historical women’s fiction novel that was pretty much ready to go too. He emailed me back and said that while it doesn’t fit in the Harlequin imprint, he is also the editor for MIRA (HQ’s women’s fiction line), and that he’ll definitely take a look at that too.

Also, one of the agents that I queried emailed me back and told me that while she doesn’t work in those genres anymore, she was going to refer me to another agent who works with historical fiction and erotica, and that the agent will contact me directly.

By the end of last night? I have an editor with three of my manuscripts, and agents referring me to other agents. In the span of one week, I’ve become a real writer/author! I am so excited and so blessed. I never thought that this would happen so soon, and since it has, I feel encouraged and re-amped.

Thank you again, all you wonderful people who have made my life this week.