Yes, I am. I promise!

I’ve just got back from my class, a writing seminar in Florence, Italy, through Johns Hopkins University. It was a lovely two weeks, and I will never manage to get all of myself back from Florence, since every time I go there, I leave pieces of me behind.

I have not recovered from my jetlag yet, which means I love to wake up at 5am, then go to bed at 8pm. Lame. I also have not started to write again, mostly due to the jetlag and the writing/reading overload in Florence. I’m also nervous about a couple of people getting back to me, so I’ve sort of been holding my breath and letting ideas float around my brain until something motivates me to start typeity-typing again.

At home, my boy and I got our first foster puppy, which you can read all about on his blog at Anyone who lives in the MD/DC/VA area who wants a lovey puppy, please feel free to contact me over there!

I promise I’ll be back with more excerpts and goodness soon! I also want to write up a book review or two for Megan Hart‘s Order of Solace line because I am in LOVE with them. Love!

Happy Writing!