I am realizing that getting through one’s thesis is mostly a show of perseverance and the patience not to pick up your laptop and throw it off an eight story building.

So, how am I managing?

1. Pumpkin Cookies: These are important. They aren’t like normal cookies, since they You know you want one.are soft and plump and wonderful. One of my friends, Abbey, introduced me to the spicy, Octobery cookies, and I’ve made a batch of my own. To my surprise, they didn’t all burn to the bottom of the pan (though, admittedly, I am a great baker), AND they tasted just wonderful. Click on the link to go to the recipe. I ganked this yummy picture from blogchef.com. 
2. Dog: We have a German shepherd/Bernese Mountain dog puppy. He’s entertaining enough. When he gets board, he throws his stuffed toys in the air, and most of the

Sailor. He's just a dog.

time they are flung right at my face. I think it’s a conspiracy. Having a pet, though, is a help. Writing your thesis or anything can be stressful. Having a little doggie or kitty (orlovebirdy in my case, though Patty doesn’t really help when she’s squawking for attention) nearby can de-stress you when you get to the point of thinking about if it would just be easier to drop out of school than to finish it. Who needs that degree anyway?

3. itunes and Pandora: Hit the shuffle button. Hit the forward button a million times because you suddenly hate listening to certain songs. Make a Fleetwood Mac channel on Pandora and rock out like it is 1972.

4. Walking Away: Listen, thesis. I know you are there. I know I have to do you (not like that). I know you are glaring at me with all the little Elly (my mentor) comments scribbled all over the place. But you know what?

Me, blowing things up.

I am going to play some xbox for a little while, and when I am done with yelling at ten-year-olds over Call of Duty, then I’ll return to writing you. Jerk.

5. Knowing it is Almost Done: This one is most important. It is almost done, Leia. You only have three more weeks left, and then you turn it in and pray to God that it is accepted. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Johns Hopkins is picky. Well, it’s writing faculty can be, anyway. If it is accepted, congrats! You have your Masters, Leia. GOOD JOB. If it isn’t…you have more work to do. Get those pumpkin cookies ready.

And, as I wrap this up, I just want to say what a pain in the butt it is to command + b something when you are used to using a PC and ctrl + b. Silly Mac.