Lots has been going on with my writing career. First, it stalled and sort of went on the backburner from August until October. Aside from writing my thesis, I just couldn’t bring myself to work on my WIP. Then, somewhere in there, I fired my old agent and picked up a wonderful new agent. This inspired me to get back on the writing boat.

Then, on Thursday, I was offered another contract with Harlequin for a Spice Brief. This? Is awesome. Pure awesome. If I wasn’t inspired by my new agent (which I was), I totally would have been by this. And I am! Especially when it can maybe mean breaching the Spice Brief gap into a whole novel, which is what I really, really want to do.

I am trying to get my ms. in shape for Golden Heart. I threw out an old ms. because my initial instinct of it maybe being dumb was confirmed, and I just couldn’t deal with the nitpickers who forget what the word “fiction” means. This is okay, though, because the other WIP I am working on, I feel much more confident in. Today, I wrote 4,000+ words for it. That’s a lot of words!

Ultimately, I am hoping to hear from another editor, as well as my agent, so that we can start to go after bigger projects. I can churn out Spice Briefs all day, but I want to prove myself as a novelist.

The other major thing in my life? The wedding is only 59 days away. 59! A year and a half flew by so quickly. I am so excited, though. I love my fiancee so much.