It’s been awhile, blog world, I know. The wedding went over beautifully, and I’ve learned that if you want people to visit your blog, all you need to do is post wedding pictures and they are so there! I’ve gotten more hits the last two weeks than I have total in my blog’s entire history.

So, I have two questions for you to ponder today. The first one is…are you going to RWA 11?

And the second, more writerly question is: Have you ever written your last chapter before your WIP was finished? And if you do, what is the benefit of your doing so?

I’m curious because for the first time, I’ve written the last few paragraphs of my WIP before it’s finished. I was getting slowed down and unmotivated when it hit me that I had a great idea for my ending…so why shouldn’t I write it down? It’s rough right now, as it stands, and it doesn’t give away too much about the book (if you are one of those people like me who turns to the last page of books to decide if you want to read them or not), but I like it. And it makes me feel like all I have to do is fill in the gap between where I left off and my new ending.

Below is a piece of my ending. I hope you enjoy it!


The war was subsiding and the economy wavered like the tri-colored flag that many people hung from the windows of their homes, for this day wasn’t an ordinary Christmas Eve. This day was much, much more. Natalie had lived to watch a nation rise and fall and resurrect through the passion of its people. During this change, she had also found herself, metamorphasizing from the naive, passion-obsessed young woman that she used to be, to the mother and wife that she now was.

Somewhere, the people of France had gone through the same changes. Somewhere, the Consulate was agreeing to put a new man in power, after France’s many years of trying to rid themselves of a singular monarch who did not represent his people. Somewhere, Parisians whistled the Marseillaise as they walked down the alleyway toward their place of employment. Somewhere, someone signed his name away into history.

And that someone was Napoleon Bonaparte.