Today’s focus was on planning ten good scenes using the scene worksheet. Schmidt relays the point that every good movie always has ten, clear scenes…and the more scenes you have past that, the more cluttered the movie becomes. I don’t know if I agree with this or not, and I am also not sure of Schmidt’s concept of a scene…but I’m going to go along with it.

So, for each scene, you write down the characters involved, the setting, the mood/tone, and finally the scene’s goals.

I threw out the idea I had yesterday and decided to work on my sequel to JOCASTA, which is called ISMENE. I should have it finished so my poor agent can sell the two together. I’m writing it as YA for now because I have a feeling it will be better in that voice.

I’m glad I switched projects because I really banged out those ten scenes, and I feel good about them. I have a clear beginning and a (somewhat) clear end, and I know what I am writing towards.

So what are you going to write today? Take out ten note cards and write up your ten scenes. Pin them to a board. and you’re done!