This weekend was the Baltimore Book Festival, and despite its rough start, I think it went very well. I participated in a panel and reading held on behalf of the Maryland Romance Writers, and I was proud of myself for doing so well. It was my very first time on a panel, and I managed to not flub up what I wanted to say, or to stall on any questions.

The reading made me most nervous, though, since I was the only person on the panel who was reading erotica, and saying all those naughty things is very nerve-wracking. I managed to pick a pretty tame portion of my book, The Queen’s Consort, though, and all went well.

I’m also making some progress in the publishing world, or at least, I jumped back on the bandwagon and started to submit the finished manuscripts that I have, I just haven’t been doing anything with them. This has lead to one revise and resubmit from my editor (which is awesome!), and I’ve sent out a book proposal for my thesis work, which also makes me feel great because I’ve worked very hard on that manuscript so far, and I’d love to see it go to a good home.

As far as finding a new agent, that’s still a work in progress, but I’m waiting to hear back from a couple of agents whom I’ve very, VERY interested in, so-much-so that I haven’t bothered to send out any more queries.

Being agent-less has been a very difficult journey, but I think I’ve been handling it well and doing all I can for myself without having the extra help around. I won’t lie, I miss having someone I can go to with my questions, but I also don’t miss the deception I was put through as well.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me and my queries and my manuscripts! We’d all appreciate it!